The Rice Stitch

Rice Stitch

The Rice stitch is a beautiful mix of FPDC and BPDC to give a texture that is perfect for dish cloths- it creates little nubbies that are perfect for cleaning! It’s probably not the best for afghans, unless you are going for that textured look.

One of the ways that I like to learn a new stitch is by working up a dish cloth! Not only are you learning something new but you can use what you make!

Let’s Explore the stitch pattern, together!

Rice Stitch

Stitch Multiple: Odd number of Stitches

For this dish cloth we will be working with a chain of 27 OR you can start with FDC ( foundationless double crochet) 

Chain 27 or 25 FDC 

1. If you started with a ch- DC in the 3rd chain from your hook and in each chain to the end. ch 1; turn 

If you started with FDC – start with Row 2 

2. HDC in 1st st, *FPDC around the next post, BPDC around the next post* Continue from * until 2 stitches remain. FPDC, HDC 

Repeat row 2 until desired Length

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