It’s all in the Loom….Knitting Loom that is

Loom Knitting Basic’s 101

One of my passions, in addition to crocheting and knitting is Loom Knitting!!
There are so many different looms on the market! They all have their pros and cons ( like most everything in the world, these days.)

One of the things I like most about looms is the fact that I can create something on it – Like socks, for example – and not have to worry about my hands aching or hurting from the small diameter knitting needles! The down side to loom knitting is that your typical loom only has one gauge and therefore you have to have numerous types and sizes. Which can not only take up a lot of space but can be costly, as well!

There are several different loom makers on the market!

CinDwood Looms

KB Looms

Kiss Looms

Just to name a few! I have, personal, experience with two of the before-mentioned manufacture’s 

I have many different looms from many different manufacturers – Some still in business and some, unfortunately are not. 

To give you a little more info on loom knitting I have created a series that talks about the basics from Kb looms and CInDwood looms! At the time of the recording of this series there was another loom manufacturer in business that unfortunately has closed. I will include the videos about Cottage looms in this post just to show you a difference in styles, durability, and the way they are made. I for one LOVED Cottage Looms and it’s unfortunate they are no longer with us.

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